Where do I even begin with my spiritual life, there are so many virtues to pursue? – Abba Nisteros the Great


A brother asked an elder, “What good activity is there, that I should practice and live in it?” The elder said, “God knows what is good, but I heard that one of the fathers questioned Abba Nisteros the Great, the friend of Abba Anthony, saying to him, “What good work is there, that I might practice it?” and he said to him, “Are not all undertakings equal? For the Scripture says, ‘Abraham was hospitable and God was with him.’ [cf. Gen 18:2]; Elijah loved hesychia¬†and God was with him; David was humble and God was with him.” So whatever you observe your soul wishing to do for God, do it – and watch over your heart.”

[Apophthegmata Patrum]